October 18, 2007

Velvet Verbosity Has Moved

Due to an error in the Blogger upgrade several months ago, I couldn't log into this blog anymore to update or even to leave a forwarding address. Suddenly, as if by magic, I can log in again and I've debated about what to do. Should I delete this blog and move any good stuff over to the new one? I would lose all comments (not like there are hundreds, but still, there's a few good ones). OR, should I transfer stuff from the new blog over to this one? Again, I would lose comments, though not as many because I lost readership when I couldn't leave a message as to where I had gone and why I wasn't blogging. I like the format of the new blog better, so I think I'll be inclined to keep it until I'm ready to get my very own piece of virtual real estate.

While I think about what to do, if you've stumbled here, you can find my new blog at www.velvetverbosity2.blogspot.com. Come and visit!

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