November 13, 2006

The Goods

Just what have I been up to?

* Buying a car. This was a painful yet exhilerating process. After some false leads, and dashed hopes, I have found her. A creamy Subaru Outback. She is a sleek and sexy beast; capable, comfortable, powerful and delightful. If this car were a person, she would be a lean, robust woman, adept at everything she put her hand to, sensuous, mysterious, powerful, precise and quietly intelligent. What name should I give her?

* Searching for artwork for the program cover of the Christmas Vespers concert at Smith College. I spent a delicious afternoon in the Mortimer Rare Book Room, paging through the hefty volume of a German history of the world published in 1493 (the title escapes me now, and I kick myself for not writing it down) filled with woodblock prints of kings, queens, and saints being murdered. I'm not entirely sure why I was directed to this book when I described what I was looking for (Victorian angels perhaps), but surely the blank expressions on both murderers' and victims faces' was not it. No matter, it was a pleasure just to lay my hands on a piece of work that spends it's time locked away behind protective glass.

* Thinking. Of course this is not unusual, for me, or anyone else. It is the intensity of it that has kept me from the keyboard.

November 11, 2006

No words

I know, where the hell have I been?

November 05, 2006

Observations I Can't Remember

I've seen and encountered many interesting things and people over the last couple of weeks, and now that I am finally here in front of my computer, I can't recall any of them.

Currently reading: Paradise Lost, Possession (for the 56th time), and Prioritizing Web Usability.

Found this photographer.