November 13, 2006

The Goods

Just what have I been up to?

* Buying a car. This was a painful yet exhilerating process. After some false leads, and dashed hopes, I have found her. A creamy Subaru Outback. She is a sleek and sexy beast; capable, comfortable, powerful and delightful. If this car were a person, she would be a lean, robust woman, adept at everything she put her hand to, sensuous, mysterious, powerful, precise and quietly intelligent. What name should I give her?

* Searching for artwork for the program cover of the Christmas Vespers concert at Smith College. I spent a delicious afternoon in the Mortimer Rare Book Room, paging through the hefty volume of a German history of the world published in 1493 (the title escapes me now, and I kick myself for not writing it down) filled with woodblock prints of kings, queens, and saints being murdered. I'm not entirely sure why I was directed to this book when I described what I was looking for (Victorian angels perhaps), but surely the blank expressions on both murderers' and victims faces' was not it. No matter, it was a pleasure just to lay my hands on a piece of work that spends it's time locked away behind protective glass.

* Thinking. Of course this is not unusual, for me, or anyone else. It is the intensity of it that has kept me from the keyboard.


slickaphonic said...

didn't want to freak you out, but i've been hunting for old old cameras since i picked up my typewriter.

'cause you know, i'd like us to keep thinking as similar thoughts as possible...

we'll be here waiting, of course.

because (word verif.) yeobaad

famjaztique said...

ahaha. Yes, the fact that you like old cameras totally freaks me out.

Let me know what you get. Right now I'm borrowing an old Japanese medium format from my brother (check out his website, on the right). Just finished my first roll and have to bring it to be developed. Tomorrow, if the weather is nice, I'm going to drive around in my new car and take pictures in graveyards.

ttractor said...

You are short-selling yourself again! Thinking is in fact quite unusual for many people. So there.

Unknown said...

it could be worse - you could turn into a rhinoceros


I just got back from a Eugene Ionesco play - which may explain the above absurdism, or it may not