January 01, 2007

Hunger Pains

The room was white peeling plaster
and yellowed wallpaper
that slumped and separated
from the walls
in great bubbles.
We sat
five of us to a sagging bed
passing around bottles of cheap beer.
A lightbub shone white and hot
over our bobbing heads --
Teenage angst,
lust and anger burned inside our skulls
making its way out our mouths
and down
to our loins
filling our narrow eyes with electricity
that traveled invisible across unseen wires
plugging straight
into our impoverished swollen hearts.

We were starved for love then --
like the little brown children
on the television with their staring eyes and flies
on their faces;
their distended bellies pushing out
as they stood in the dust.

We gorged ourselves on love affairs
thrown at our feet
like bags of rice, but we could not
absorb what was good in it.
It ran through us like dirty water
and we could only keep feeding --
howling at night in our beds
at the hunger pains burning.


Oberon said...

......here's your single email......happy now?

Oberon said...

......oh look.......you got another one.....your blog is great he says.

famjaztique said...

oberon, thank you for the comments. It wasn't the lack of email that I was lamenting, it was the loss of my Smith email account. Still, thanks.

slickaphonic said...

so good.

thank you.

VV said...

This is one of those that I keep editing/revising. The original was written many years ago, not even sure what year. Some part of me thinks it was something like 7 years ago, and another part argues that it was more like 4.

Unknown said...

I love it

it pulses with energy that resonates with me

thank you

VV said...

John, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Ok, well this is totally annoying, I can't post to my own blog! grrrrr

ttractor said...

ok, here you go. you might be able to log on throught the comment moderator feature. I am having the same no-long-in issue, and it does work, with persistence. grr.

VV said...

here's a try

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