March 27, 2006

At the last breath...

In these long sad days,
I remember things...
important things.
How to breathe, how to sit,
how to move.
The shape of my skin
stretched across muscle and bone.
The hows and whens and whys
of being alone...
because that is how it will be
at the last breath.


Anonymous said...

Also remembering the touch of a freind, sad moments, the first spring butterfly to flutter by.

Life is painfully precious.

--John B

famjaztique said...


Life IS painfully precious. Thanks for your comment. Nice to know you're still visiting. I'm going to try to post more regularly.

Anonymous said...

Hey Foxy,

You okay?

Whatever (aka Clint)

famjaztique said...

aha! finally you reveal yourself...I was wondering!

Yes, I am fine. Just thoughts, nothing more. How are you?