March 23, 2006

Our elementary school was starting a band program. Everyone on the bus was all abuzz after the day’s assembly where the instruments were paraded out and played before our wondering eyes and ears.

“I’m going to play the flute,” says one girl, bouncing in her seat.

“Me too!” parrot several girls.

“Well, I’m going to play the clarinet,” declares Dotty (Snotty Dotty as I call her in my head).

She turns to me, “What are you going to play?”

Thoughts of a shiny silver flute held delicately against my lips flit across my inner vision. I feel Snotty Dotty’s eyes boring into me.

I shrug. “Probly the trombone,” I say casually.

Snotty Dotty bristles, “What? You can’t play that! The trombone is for booyysssss.”

I shrug again.


And that, dear readers, is how I came to play the trombone for six years. The first year I had to use my foot to reach all the positions...yeah, I was that tiny.


ttractor said...

yah! you rule! o how I loves me a good trombone!

famjaztique said...

ahaha...I haven't played in years. I would have to relearn now, but I've thought about it. But then, I also want to learn piano, cello, and drums, so...yeah.