August 17, 2006

Over and Under

At the traffic light I see them. He is capable, fit, loose in his body, and confident. He crosses the busy street with ease, knowing without effort how much give and take is needed to navigate the traffic. His shirt lifts as the cars pass. He doesn't hesitate, he moves like liquid between the cars.

The other He waits on the curb, smiling nervously, fists shoved into pockets as he waits for an opening that on this street, may never come. His eyes alternate between his confident companion walking away, not turning back, and the cars speeding by bumper to bumper. He flips his hair in an effort to look confident, to appear cool with it.

For the first time, my heart does not weep for the underdog. I simply see...see that one will move through his life with ease and this will burn him in ways he has yet to come to understand...and the other will agonize over each decision, each word he speaks, and this will probably bring him more security than he can now imagine.


Anonymous said...

Time to start writing to publish. Would you consider starting with a short story?

--John B

famjaztique said...

Are you going to be my agent?

Anonymous said...

I'd be a terrible agent, but would happily help find one.