August 14, 2006

Music You Should Listen To Today

The sun has been shining for days now...the nights are cool and quiet, and the smell of Autumn is just around the next corner. Perfect days for folk, swing, jazz, and joyful oddities. Here are my recommendations for today:

"Shine" by Monsterbuck...Tugs my heartstrings every time. Since this is a friend of mine, I heard it for the first time around a campfire.

"Send Me a Man" by Alberta Hunter ...a wonderful accompaniment to sun and wind in your hair while cruising down country roads.

"Mountain Trip to Japan" by The Trachtenburg Family SlideShow Players...who I saw at the Iron Horse in NoHo. Up close and personal like. I think the mother is the most talented. I mean, got to keep that slide projector in working order you know!

"Neighborhood" by Space...oh c'mon, you know you want to sing along, even though it is a little, er...dark.


Num-Num said...

In the mail today: the just-released Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players dvd, "Off & On Broadway"! Which includes a cameo appearance by John Waters!

And in which it is revealed that the whole slideshow idea was Tina's. And without the slideshows, well, what would they be? But you know Rachel is my favorite.

famjaztique said...

Rachel IS pretty killer.

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famjaztique said...

Oh, and p.s. folks, numnum is the one who introduced me to, and brought me to see the TFSPs.

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