April 18, 2006

You Know You Live with Teenagers When...

...you step out of the shower, dripping wet, and grope for a towel from the stack you just neatly folded last night, and your hand comes up empty.
No, there isn't a single one hanging either. You can either (a) dry off with a hand towel, (b) pull your clothes on over your wet skin, or (c) run naked through the house, traumatizing the evil teenagers who used 10 towels in 24 hours.

...you buy ice cream at 9 a.m. At 10 p.m. when the house is finally quiet, you open the ice cream box (you've been so looking forward to this) and there is one half melted scoop left, sadly clinging to the bottom corner of the box.

...you've just finished lugging 20 bags of groceries into the house and spent an hour trying to find space for all the food and collapse onto the couch only to hear a voice from the kitchen, "there's NOTHING to eat in this house!"

...socks in your house seem to live everywhere but drawers and hampers. You suspect they might walk on their own, but you can't confirm this.

...spoons disappear. (Where DO they go?) So you have to eat your cereal with chopsticks, and that one last half-melted scoop of ice cream with a butter knife.


jennifer said...

that is so hilarious!

Sumner X said...

Yeah, that is pretty much precisely what life is like in my apartment, living with myself... except, for example, the towel not being there is because I actually did the laundry but didn't manage to put it away... what's that slogan? "Being a slob is hard labour."

famjaztique said...

Num-Num, I'm so honored! You coming to graduation? Sunday, May 21st...or is it the 22nd...cripes, I don't even know the date of my own graduation! Well, it's a Sunday for sure.

famjaztique said...

Jennifer - seeing that you are 17, I'll take your comment as a high compliment. :)