April 18, 2006

2 X 2 = 1

We are two mirrors - you and I...
ting endlessly
ward each other
shimmering surfaces of silver
smoothed and glassed

revealing only other

and not

yet through this act
we do reveal -
for two souls so alike

bound in separate skins

when reflecting

-in fact-



jennifer said...

did you write that? it's beautiful! (and thank you for responding to my comment on the "you know you live with teenagers when..." post! it made me feel special !!)

famjaztique said...

jennifer - I did write it...thank you. And you're welcome. How did you find my blog? Just curiosity.

jennifer said...

i found it just by browsing. i had nothing better do to, and on the top of every blogspot blog, you can click on "next blog", and that's what i did, and i ended up here, i liked what i read, so i saved it to my favorites! it's amazing what you can find when you just look a little bit :)

Anonymous said...

Just for the record....

You are beuatiful, inside and out.

--John B.

famjaztique said...

Aw John...you're always so sweet!

famjaztique said...

jennifer - hey, happy to be on your favorites list!