October 17, 2006

I've been quoted...

Checking out my statcounter stats, I noticed several people had visited from blog.thisnext.com. I couldn't figure out what the link was. Then I found it here http://blog.thisnext.com/blog/sweet-tea-tree.html. I was quoted.

Cool. Does this mean I've arrived?


John said...

well - all I can say is that I was onboard both when your ship came in and when your train had left the station

whatever that means!

famjaztique said...

Well, what does it mean?

John said...

I have been following your words, your spirit for several months

I jest, I jest

sometimes you must take me seriously, and sometimes you cannot

perhaps I should produce a roadmap for my soul? for you?

famjaztique said...

What inspired you to comment now? Not that it matters...I'm just a little curious about silent readers. I can't even think what to liken them to, but I do wonder why some prefer not to announce their presence in any way.


I'm just glad you're here.

John said...

well I began following you at Nerve - where my alias is luxveritas

I stumbled onto you here via ttractor who I also discovered on Nerve

and was particularly touched when you posted on my blog as I assumed no-one was reading it (I've abandoned the Nerve blog and nearly abandoned this one - I blog elsewhere where I have an audience)

I've been following you closely here for a brief month or so - but I've known about your writing for almost half a year

anyway that is the short story of my dalliance with your words - which I adore

famjaztique said...

Ah. Now it all comes clear. You ought to tell us where else you blog, that place where you have an audience. I will visit you there.

Thank you for adoring my words. Seems a silly thing to say.

ttractor said...

It's never silly to say thank you, even though I sometimes feel boringly grateful. I didn't realize Lux was posting his own stuff en plein air either, and now I am abashed.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if they send you free stuff you can say you've arrived!

famjaztique said...

Hmmmm, good point.