October 02, 2006


What is the "future"?

From Wikipedia.org: "In a linear conception of
time, the future is the portion of the timeline that has yet to occur, i.e. the place in space-time where lie all events that still have not occurred. In this sense the future is opposed to the past (the set of moments and events that have already occurred) and the present (the set of events that are occurring now)."

The future is unknown, unwritten. A plane of infinite possibilities recommended by the now. Each event builds upon the first to write the future. We can't know it, and any discussion of it is no more than fanciful theory. Five minutes from now I could die in a freak accident or from an undetected bloodclot wedged into my brain, or I could discover a disease that will irrevocably alter my path. Or, we could kiss, and what future would that write?

(Image: "The Unfolding", Oil on Canvas by Rassouli.

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