September 18, 2006

The New Look and Bugs Under the Rug

I got tired of looking at that subdued green, so I changed my blog template today. However, is apparently not yet clever enough to recognize that a light font used on a dark background, will not show up should someone change their background to white. Now I have to either live with the subdued green forever, start a whole new blog, or manually change the font color on all the posts.


A little each day, I'll change the font color on the posts manually so they are visible.

However, I can't seem to get rid of some of the font funkiness going on. Some posts now have two different fonts when they are not meant too.

I repeat...le sigh.


Anonymous said...

Change is a funny thing, well actually not funny at all to me. I hate it! I was reminded of this by coming back to your blog and being startled. It is as if you are not the same woman when you change the color of your hair, or for that matter the color of the background on your site...

I'll be keeping my eye on you to see if i can still trust you...


--john B.

famjaztique said...

John - I assure you, you can always trust me. I like change, and I like startling people with changes I make. I have never fit neatly into any one category so I need change.

Thinking about cutting my hair too.

Anonymous said...

Startling is right. It took me a moment to adjust as I popped on here. I almost thought that you had dumped everything and moved on, but that was just for a second.
Bopping to the other end of the scales now are we? Dark, warm soothing colors to highly over oppressive white eh? You go with your rebellious spirit.
Take care Nifty Lady.

famjaztique said...

You nailed it right on the head DT. That's how I roll!