August 31, 2006

M&M Birthday

Six days from now is my birthday.

I’ll be 36.

While this is not generally one of the “big” years (you know, the ones where people feel compelled to razz you about your age, send you "funny" cards, and ask loudly how oooold you're turning this year..), I feel celebratory. I feel some kind of joyous vibe boiling up in my blood! I think it has less to do with my it being my birthday, and more to do with the fact that this year on my birthday, I won’t have just started classes and I won’t be “student” po’. Yet, I think it’s more than just that. Whatever the reason, celebrate I will! I’ve invited everyone over for margaritas and Monopoly.

If I’m going to be factual here, I should say that the “Monopoly” game is really a fundraising knockoff called, “The Best of Northampton”. And if you’re from Northampton, it makes the game really quite fun in a cute, “aw, that’s where I get ice-cream every Friday” kind of way. Given to me by someone at Smith and I don’t think she even realized I could technically count it as an early birthday present. (I wonder what the margin of days is on either side of a birthday where you can count a present as an early or late birthday gift...)

Clearly I’m rambling...this is what happens when I’m uninspired but feel compelled to write something.

(Painting: "Mariachi Margarita" by Steven Simon. Found at


slickaphonic said...

happy birthday!

word verification: opytjs (sounds festive, no?)

Anonymous said...

Hello oh wonderful person!
Happy B-days to you. I hope the day shows with warmth and Love aboundin so that your heart is over flowing. You have a smile that should be shared.
Take care Nifty Lady.

famjaztique said...

Why thank you...both of you.

Glen Carner said...

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