August 22, 2006


Her world is now vivid and sharp-edged. Her world is 13. Her world is self-important, self-indulgent, fulsome and large...yet so small to any onlooker.

I know that world, I remember it. The aching needs that must be filled while the source eludes. The terrible clamor of peer-pressure knocking at every turn. The feverish race to be in. To not keep up is to be "out" and that is no place anyone wants to be at 13. To be "out" is social death. At 13, it might as well be real death. 13 hasn't comprehended what that means anyway.

The body, oh the terrifically annoying body that is never the right size or shape...too big, too small, too round, too narrow, too tall, too short, too curvy, too flat.

13 is the world of "everyone else". Everyone else has the goods, and 13 doesn't understand it's all an illusion. If just once, they would all drop the illusion at precisely the same moment, unveil all the massive insecurity, it might cause a wave of cosmic energy so powerful that the earth would shift on its axis.


slickaphonic said...

and surely our economy would crumble...I've long held that 13-year old girls rule the world.

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and I'm not even cold.

famjaztique said...

heh, undoubtedly. I call her my "money monster". The first thing she says to me every morning somehow involves my spending money or giving her money.

It boggles me how they suddenly become so materialistic no matter how you've raised them!

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Anonymous said...

My own parents wondered if I was going to get myself killed just by my adept ability to almost always say the worst possible thing at the most inconvenient time.
I was a pro!
Yo Fam-J, it is a pleasure to be able to talk with you again. Thanks for the nudge in the right direction.

famjaztique said...

Hey DTM, thanks for stopping in!

Some kids do have an uncanny ability to put their lives at risk when they open their mouths. She is not one of them. She simply irks me with her narrow view of how money works. By "view" I mean that she views my purse as a never ending supply of green.

ttractor said...

man, so give her an allowence and then that's it! want more? go babysit. crikey! (ok, ok, I'm the cranky lady yelling at the kids to get the f off my lawn!)

famjaztique said...

dearest ttractor, she is in fact putting herself out there to babysit since she realized I will not and cannot give her an endless supply of money.

Glad I'm not a kid on yer lawn!

I'm not worried, the universe always gets even with the "Mother's curse".

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ttractor said...

really, I'm more like Boo Radley. And it freaks me out a bit to admit that.

bhlgfjj--blog fidge--that antsy feeling you get when you blog too long!

famjaztique said...

which part freaks you out? The eating of small animals? Stunted and deformed innocence? Or the return to the sun?

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That is so hip hop I can't stand it.