June 16, 2006

I want...I want

I'm lusting for craftsmanship I can't afford. I don't care much for material things for the sake of having them...for the sake of show or keeping up with the Joneses.

But I do have expensive taste when it comes to craftsmanship. My mother used to say I could pick out the most expensive item in a store in seconds flat when I was a child. She was referring to clothes. It was true, I based my preference on what felt good, and that usually meant more expensive fabrics, careful craftsmanship around the seams and so on.

Today, there are two things I'm lusting after.

1. A Vanilla bicycle. These are hands-down the most beautifully crafted bicyles on the planet and I WANT one. Actually, I would like two but that's just greedy.

2. A Leica camera. Again, I want more than one. I want an R-series, the new SLR digital body, and the mini-digital reproduction made by Minox (recently absorbed into Leica).

So forget the roses, bring me crafted metal and smooth working gears. I'll love you forever.

(Image from www.vanillabicycles.com)


Anonymous said...

"So forget the roses, bring me crafted metal and smooth working gears. I'll love you forever."

It is very good for the relationship when a partner can say what brings happines...

I'll remember for the life when I get the priviledge and pleasure of courting you!

--John B.

famjaztique said...

I'm hardly an expert on relationships. And that lifetime may be a long way off because I'm either really far from enlightenment, or closer than I think (which would explain the lack of romantic attachments in my life).

I suppose it would be good for a relationship to not only define what you want, but to actually know what you want.

Of course, recipricocity is important.

Or at least, I imagine it is.

michael said...

I first saw this entry a few months ago when you mentioned it over on FC. I wanted one of those bikes then and I want one now. Damn they're gorgeous.

A woman of taste and fire who would love me forever...that's worth a bike easy!

famjaztique said...

Michael - heh. Aren't they just? I will have one and I'm going to ride it till I'm 85.

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