May 07, 2006

Still my babies...

He is 14...soon to be 15. As tall as me easily. When I kiss him goodnight, on the top of that head, beneath all that hair and boyish business I can still smell the baby - still smell the smell from the day he was born.

"Mom? I can't fall asleep. Will you lay down with me for a while?"

I follow her into her room. The window is open and it is cool. I lay down beside her and I feel her fingers, child fingers, crossing my face in the dark, searching for my ear. She places one of her headphones in my ear and we are listening to Joni Mitchell together, breathing together in the dark with our toes wiggling in rhythm.


Anonymous said...

Very sweet.

famjaztique said...

Holly - It would be nice if it were this way all the time. It's these moments that keep a family together.

Anonymous said...

Don't I know it. Some days it is like a waged war and then there is this, sometimes in the span of fifteen minutes in my house.