May 15, 2006

Six More Days

Commencement (yes, Smith is backwards) is in six days. Sorry to keep counting down, but people, I've been here duking it out academically for four years! I'm allowed to tick the days off.

In the next three weeks I have to:
Plan a graduation party
Plan a move
Plan a trip to Austria and Bavaria.

Yes, that's right, this all happens between now and June 2. If my head didn't explode from the end of semester push, it surely will now!

Actually, I'm doing remarkably fine. I feel quite pleased, giddy, and the excitement continues to grow. I just need to stay healthy over the next few weeks and I'll be fine.

Hope the sun is shining wherever you are, because it sure as hell isn't here!


jennifer said...

so little time, so much to do! good luck!! and the sun isn't shining here either :(

Citadin said...

Congrats in advance!

famjaztique said...

Jennifer - is the sun shining now? It is here! Yay!

Citadin, thanks so much. I feel...I feel...well, just "Whew!".

jennifer said...

...still not :( it's been raining for a whole week :'(