April 13, 2006

My Vanity...

Sometimes karma has its own way of sending us messages. The one part of my body I am truly vain about is my hands. They are not perfect...my veins are visible, one of my fingers is crooked from an injury...but they are slender and long and as a child they were often remarked upon.

My fingertips I enjoy most, maybe because of the sensual pleasures they afford me. I like to trail my fingertips lightly over things...skin, water, metal, rocks, curves in architecture, staircase banisters.

Here's where karma comes in. Last year I developed a condition known as "fingertip excema". As the name suggests, it only afflicts the fingertips. First the skin becomes hard, not visibly, but I can feel it. As though there are invisible callouses on my fingertips. Then the skin begins to crack and peel. This is, of course, extraordinarily painful. More than that, I lose all sensation in my fingertips and so am robbed of the pleasure I derive from the nerve endings there.

It comes and goes, and when it goes I am delighted. So maybe this is a lesson in fragility and appreciation.


jolene siana said...

I had excema as a child. It did end up going away but it was horrible. I had it all over the backs of my legs and hated to wear shorts because of it. I hope the excema goes away.

PS. How do I blogroll?
AND...are you on myspace?
AND...thanks for your kind words.

famjaztique said...

Jolene, me too. Hope it goes away, that is. I meant add me to your list of bloggers, and I think you already did that, so thanks!

Yes, I'm on myspace. Found you already.

AND, you're welcome. Ditto. Are you definitely making the move to NYC? It looks like you've already got great contacts there, but if you need anything else, or just want to meet more people, I have friends there.

ttractor said...

hey! I have lived here for over a decade but I STILL want to meet new people! Hello?! Hook me up!

famjaztique said...

ttractor, What kind of hook ups are you looking for? Tea and toast? No, seriously. Are you looking to network, hang out, meet Prince Charming? I need to know these things to point you in the right direction.

famjaztique said...

For anyone visiting, I may have found a cure. Start cleaning everything with Dr. Bronner's Peppermint soap. Dishes, countertops, bathroom. Do this without gloves. I can't say for sure this is what cleared up my excema, but it coincidentally went away when I started doing this and hasn't returned. It's been almost a year now.